New York Fashion week – top 5

I am a bit behind the eight ball and London fashion week is underway but I thought I’d share my top five from New York fashion week.  Top five being things I’d buy if I was loaded 💰💰💰 and in need of a high fashion wardrobe or (more likely) things I’d like to draw (and then pretend I own!)

Here goes….

Tom Ford Spring 2018
Tom Ford Spring 2018

1. Who doesn’t need an orange leather coat!


Naeem Khan Spring 2018

2. Face jewellery. … this is more of a want-to-draw


3. Victoria Beckham shoes…. all of them!


Cynthia Rowley Spring 2018
Cynthia Rowley Spring 2018

4. Girls on swings would make such a pretty illustration


Photo credit: Vogue

Sabina Karlsson
Sabina Karlsson – image http://www.jag

5. So this was a toss-up between the whole Jason Wu collection and the appearance of Sabina Karlsson on the runways of Chromat, Michael Kors, and Christian Siriano.  This girl has the most amazing face not to mention HAIR!

Since this is a top 5 list, the solution was to combine the two; Sabina Karlsson on my own Jason Wu runway!  I wonder if Jason Wu would approve of me messing with his line up!?

Sabina - Jason Wu mashup
Sabina – Jason Wu model mashup


The details 

Arches Drawing Paper 185gsm smooth A3 

Tombow mono drawing pencils (6B, 2B, HB, 2H and 4H)

Prismacolor Premier color pencils

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