The Side Hustle – Hustle

“The Side Hustle – Hustle” sounds like some kind of dance that Tina Turner would have been doing back in the seventies.  What I am actually referring to is how my side-hustle (aka being a “fashion illustrator”) has developed it’s own (more successful 😔) side-hustle; custom pet portraits.

I am not exactly sure how this came to be.  I think it started with a request to do a portrait commission for my friend, Kirsten, which then led me to make a listing for custom portraits on Etsy; which then led to a listing for custom pet portraits.

Seems that people much prefer portraits of their pets than they do of their family members or (human) friends!

Anyway here are the latest of my furry friends: Kimba and Lola.

(If you would like your very own custom pet portrait please check out my store on Etsy A3- $60 and A4 -$45)

Graphite pencil illustration Graphite pencil illustration

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