Mixed media watercolour and colour pencil art

You may have noticed I have taken a bit of a hiatus from art and blogging.  It’s been like six months since my last blog post!   I went on an epic two month overseas holiday. I did have the best intentions to draw and update my social media everyday ha ha… but… anyway I do have a really good tan…

Anyone whose followed my blog for a little while will know that watercolour is my nemesis.  I have a bit of a love-hate relationship going with it.  So I’ve decided to commit to watercolour based mixed media for a while and see if I can get more comfortable with it.

Here are the results of my first four attempts.  A bit of a mixed bag! The first one I did was my favourite by far.  I think because it was “just an experiment” I was much looser and relaxed with it.  I put a bit of pressure on myself for the next couple (and used the GOOD paper) and I think as a result I was a bit more uptight which shows in the end result.   The last one I disliked so much I ended up giving up on it completely!   "Amara" - watercolour and colour pencil painting"Bridgit" - watercolour and colour pencil painting"Hedvig" - watercolour and colour pencil painting


11 thoughts on “Mixed media watercolour and colour pencil art

  1. I’m glad to see that you’re back! Ironically, I checked my followed blogs yesterday just to make sure I was still following you.
    I also prefer the final portrait. I think the skin tones and highlights are fantastic. I also like the contrast of the finished face and skin tones against the unfinished portions of the portrait.

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    • Wow it’s seems almost unanimous that everyone likes the last one lol! My aim was to contrast a realistic/finished face with a more abstract background so perhaps I will try again!

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  2. 6 months !! Slacker !!! 😀

    These are actually quite wonderful, and sorry to say… the last one looks more “arty” – that’ll be the one worth $$$’s

    Since you’ve been away I’ve been ruining a watercolour portrait, and I mean ruining to the point of wearing through the paper. So it’s all relative.

    Glad you’re back 😀

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  3. There’s so much realism in all your portraits’ eyes! so pretty and alluring. I actually don’t see anything wrong with each piece and each one is kind of different in good ways.. probably because they all were experiments in their own way. It’s okay to be defeated by watercolour. It is no “easy medium”.. I gave up on watercolour a few months back and don’t look back as I felt I just wasnt enjoying it.. and I didn’t see the point in making myself enjoy it. BUT you aren’t painting like an amateur… these are quite lovely and colour pencils is a common mixed media for W/Colour and have their unique beautiful qualities to match the transparency of watercolours.

    Keep going, keep experimenting, you’ll master this in no time 😉


    • Thankyou. I am taking a little break from watercolour for much the same reason – I’m not really enjoying it. Better to take a break and return when I have a bit more enthusiasm

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      • You’re welcome. That is the best way otherwise you will just get more and more frustrated and less in love with the medium.

        What will you work on not? 🙂


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