Beauty Portrait Illustration: Rebecca Leigh Longendyke

I’ve got a new muse

Move over Nesvat you chain-smoking-caffeine-addicted-Russian-floosie… I’ve got a new muse –

Rebecca Leigh Longendyke

She’s got cheekbones that could “cut glass” as they say and, to my mind, a lioness quality to her; her eyes seem slightly too far apart. To put it more eloquently “sharp cheekbones and enigmatic eyes. She is, as Tyra Banks (“godmother of breaking beauty barriers”!**) would say, F.I.E.R.C.E!

The original reference photograph for this drawing is from Loewe’s Fall 2019 runway show. Now I don’t understand the mad Micky Mouse hats either but it is FASHUN and I like it!.

** this is legit statement from her recent press release

Backstage at Loewe RTW Fall 2019

"Rebecca Longendyke" - graphite pencil and watercolour by Alison Sargent


One thought on “Beauty Portrait Illustration: Rebecca Leigh Longendyke

  1. It’s amazing how attuned the brain is at picking out tiny micro-irregularities, these eyes might be a tad farther apart which is better than being closer together which marks you out as a criminal.

    I seem to recall there’s roughly five eyes width across the face, so an eye’s width between the two real ones. At a quick glance (with my perfectly spaced eyes 🤓) they’re close to that. Since doing portraits I’ve looked at Julia Roberts and wondered why her mouth often seems wide, when proportionally it seems normal. One day when I’m more attuned maybe….

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