More Mixed Media Portraits

I’ve been practicing my watercolour. I think I am slowly improving. I still find it a very challenging medium to use. The hardest part for me is to let go and allow the watercolours to really do what they want to do. The looser I can let myself be the better the end results.

These two portraits I did straight after one another. They are both of a Russian model called Sofia Steinberg and the reference photos appeared in the Zara online catalogue. She has a really interestesting quirky look about her that I like. I say interesting and quirky my husband says “pissed off and bitchy”. Regardless I am a bit obsessed with her now… not in a weird stalky way … although I have tagged her in everything I put on Instagram (which by the way she NEVER acknowledges.. maybe she is bitchy?)

Since I am still a pretty shitty water-colourist I always go back to my colour pencils to “refine” things a little (okay a lot). For both of these portraits I used colour pencil for the facial features and to refine a few edges. I quite like the end results. I think the colour pencil give it a bit more “pop” than I could achieve with watercolour paints alone.

14 thoughts on “More Mixed Media Portraits

  1. Oh wow!! These are excellent, so so good.

    I’ve been told that watercolour is hard for portraits, I’ve never used any other paint medium so I wouldn’t know but I’ve not done what I think of as a “proper loose” watercolour portrait as yet. My latest one was more in the style of drawing rather than painting to be honest, it came out fine but it’s still not a “painting” painting if you know what I mean.

    Was glad to see your name pop up in my email after quite a while, and it’s been worth the wait. Superb!!

    And yes, definite bitchface, nothing wrong with that though – more interesting…

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    • God watercolour is so hard! I keep starting them with the mind set of doing something very loose, wet-in-wet but I then all those years of detailed pencil work kicks in and I end up ‘drawing’ with a paint brush!
      Maybe she’s just hungry?


      • Yep, that look could tell a story, “hurry up and take the picture, I want a biscuit!!”

        The great thing is, with your paintings it’s easy to assume that you hardly struggled at all to create what is a really really good watercolour portrait. Certainly doesn’t look “drawn” in any way, not that that’s a bad thing anyway…


  2. These are great! I’m really impressed with your control of this medium. I have very little experience with watercolor, but these align really well with the level of detail in your other work.

    Also, have to agree – the model does look just a bit like she wants to destroy the viewer


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