Beauty Portrait Illustration: Rebecca Leigh Longendyke

I’ve got a new muse

Move over Nesvat you chain-smoking-caffeine-addicted-Russian-floosie… I’ve got a new muse –

Rebecca Leigh Longendyke

She’s got cheekbones that could “cut glass” as they say and, to my mind, a lioness quality to her; her eyes seem slightly too far apart. To put it more eloquently “sharp cheekbones and enigmatic eyes. She is, as Tyra Banks (“godmother of breaking beauty barriers”!**) would say, F.I.E.R.C.E!

The original reference photograph for this drawing is from Loewe’s Fall 2019 runway show. Now I don’t understand the mad Micky Mouse hats either but it is FASHUN and I like it!.

** this is legit statement from her recent press release

Backstage at Loewe RTW Fall 2019

"Rebecca Longendyke" - graphite pencil and watercolour by Alison Sargent