Aquarius – my brain is made of watery mush!



After my slightly unsuccessful efforts with “Kirsten” last week I’ve headed back to familiar territory this week with my star signs.  I promise, somehow, I will finish Kirsten in time for next week’s blog.

So if you want to read a bit more about the story behind Aquarius read on!  There’s lots of work in progress pictures in this one.

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Illustrated Horoscopes – Capricorn

I am finally back on track with my horoscope illustrations.  I get side tracked quite easily and a piece (like this one) can sit unfinished for months on end.  I really don’t know why I put off finishing it for so long!.  Anyway my Capricorn woman is complete and just in time for the birthdays of all those little goats (21 December to 19 January).  You can purchase both my Sagittarius and Capricorn prints in my Etsy store.  As usual more details on the drawing process and the inspiration behind Capricorn continues below.

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Your daily horoscope … an illustrated version

Sagittarius Star Sign illustrationWhen I first picked up pencils about 10 years ago, after having not drawn since I was a child, one of the first things I decided to do was a series of Zodiac images.  I think I was inspired by the illustrated horoscopes that appear in Marie Claire magazine and the “Girlstrology” in Girlfriend magazine (I don’t know if they still do this and I am WAAAYY to old to buy that magazine now!).  Amazingly, I did all these illustrations from start to finish, straight after one another.  Normally I get bored with an idea pretty quick and move on to something else but some how I had commitment back then!


At the time I was super proud of myself and thought they looked great.  Looking back at them now I can see they are a bit average.  I put a lot of it down to the dodgy scanner I was using back then, before I invested in my beloved EPSON DS-50000.  I do still like them and they hold a bit of sentimental value as they really kicked off my art journey.  They were completed in graphite pencil and Derwent Watersoluble Graphitint pencils.  I have not used these pencils since.  I’m thinking I might have to dig them out and try again.  They produce a lovely subtle colour that blends really well with the graphite pencil and gets more intense with the addition of water.

I’ve had the idea of doing another set of zodiac prints rolling around in my head for ages.  I finally did one for Gemini about six months ago but I didn’t really love it and the whole project stalled yet again.  Graphite and gouache star sign illustration - GeminiSo attempt number three started a few months ago.   I had planned to have all 12 finished by November for the Etsy Made Local Christmas market.  I was thinking these things will sell like hot cakes!!!!.  What a perfect gift!!!.  Anyway they are taking much longer than anticipated.  Plus selling art is a mystery to me (but that’s a WHOLE other blog post – I’ve only ever managed to sell one birthday card for a grand total of $3).  (But if you do want to purchase one check out my Etsy store… if you follow my blog – 10% off for any Star sign prints!🤣).  

I finished Sagittarius (the archer) a few months ago and now here is a bit of preview of Capricorn (The goat); people born 21 December to 19 January.  I am channelling some Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2015 horns for this lady.   Capricorns (Capricorni?) are said to be the most determined of the entire Zodiac.  They are ambitious, conservative, practical and helpful.  I’ve tried to give her a steely eyed look but I like to think the goats amongst us are a little mischievous too!

Hopefully she will be finished in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out on my Instagram feed for the final I image


Star sign illustration - Capricorn work in progress

I have ideas in my head for most of these ladies, but if you are a Libra girl you might be in for a long wait as I have no idea what to draw.  Send me your suggestions!